My Explanations

I call myself a paradox. So much of my life seems contradictory and strange to both others and myself, so I constantly feel a need to explain why I am who I am. My explanations have accumulated, become a part of me, are in constant use and ongoing reflection. I am not just where I am from, I say; I am also what I come from. And who. And how. And why. I invite you, readers, to join me in my personal explanation so that you too may understand where you are truly from, however strange and disjointed your experiences may seem.

I am from Belarus

South Carolina, Ohio, and deer-filled NJ.

I am from a life-time of homeschool

Letter correspondence with friends from my half-year of “real school.”

I am from beet borscht and gluten free bread

studded with raisins and dripping fresh butter

Early morning markets and the smell of warm muffins.

I am from train tracks and creek beds

Suburbs and neighborhood cats

cricket orchestras and reading in the hammock.

I’m from snowy skies and soupy summers

6 moves and 3 countries

Moving fast and pushing on.

I’m from a paradox of too many activities

numerous almost-friends

but 2 kindred spirits and a love for nature and sleepy afternoons.

I’m from “time and place” and the “long speech”

“He is risen indeed” and “have fun storming the castle.”

I’m from a world-wide worldview, 

Justice for all,

Kids can be the change,

Belief in magic and the Maker.

Packed in yet another moving box

taped with high hopes and a history of loss

is my life box– 

theatre programs, baseball tickets, homemade books and a 

billion unfinished journals, sheet music and poetry.

A lifetime of small accomplishments winding a twisted path into future’s veiled promises.

Anna is a freshman vocal performance student. You can see more of her work at Teen Ink. She also runs her own business which you can find here.

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